~# The Scariest Place in the West #~

The Robb Canyon Story
In the early 1970's the mutilated bodies of a woman and 3 men were unearthed in this, at the time, remote high desert canyon in west Reno. To this day, the murders have not been
solved, and several visiting psychics feel the dead may be attempting to engage the living to solve their gruesome murders.Currently the canyon sits below a city park, and the mesa-top high above is speckled with houses. Over the years, residents have reported seeing strange lights and hearing very disturbing sounds, including a bloodcurdling scream, that "you will never forget for the rest of your life" echoing up the canyon. Although many long time residents of the area are reluctant to talk about what they have experienced, it is hard to not find someone without a personal account of paranormal activity. Although many other west Reno parks are crowded in summer evenings; you will never see any one in here after sunset.

Reportedly, both the Reno Police Department and Washoe County Sheriff's office no longer respond to calls to investigate the disturbances in the canyon, and oftenly say "just close your window and stay out of that canyon at night".
When paranormal investigators enter the canyon, they are hit with an immediate and overwhelming feeling of dread and fear, causing many "premature" endings to their investigations.
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In a narrower part of the canyon up stream from the bridge, Shadow Men have appeared to both Investigators and fixed infrared cameras. The phenomena seem
to center around the large dead tree next to the creek. Many reports of a horrible and prolonged scream emulate from this general area.This is also the area that "cold spots" are usually reported and physical contact felt. EVP recordings made here have produced low level "chant-like" whisperings.In a terrifing session in the fall of 2005, Mike Blankenship, an Investigator from Kansas was knocked to the ground here and held down for a few seconds by an unseen and unrecorded force.


June 15, 2013

Cold Spots, Battery Drain and Telekynesis

June 13th 2013

Upon researching the paranormal events which have taken place within Robb Canyon and the Rainbow Ridge Park area, our team of three investigators (Kurt, Jeff, & Dan), decided to conduct our own investigation of both the playground area where the spirits of children are alleged to be heard and seen, and the area located down the pathed walkway where four bodies were allegedly discovered; those of a sole female and three males whose identity is still to this day unknown. We began our investigation at approximately 11:00pm with clear blue skies overhead, a slight breeze moving towards the East, and a very light mist surrounding us from all directions.

We began our investigation at the playground area where we immediately recorded a series of cold spots located near the swings, ranging from a ten to twenty degree variance between swings (recorded temp at the time was 63 degrees F).

We then ventured down to the location where the 4 bodies were allegedly discovered, and set up for an EVP session, attempting to invoke the spirits. Just as we began the EVP session, the volume on our Spirit Box mysteriously muted, and the volume could not be regained even upon rebooting the Box a few times, as well as turning the volume switch both lower and higher. During our EVP session, we captured what appears to be a few logical responses to the questions posed during the session, which still need to be further analyzed for validity. Following our EVP session we decided to leave our voice recorder alone within the area, asking for the spirits to speak into the device while we were away from the area, if that is what they preferred. Upon returning to the area, I decided to ask if we could regain the volume on the Spirit Box, which immediately turned back on at full volume, just as I had it set the entire evening.

June 14th 2013

Following the events of the night prior, we decided to spend another evening at Robb Canyon, this time planning to venture down further into the canyon to the bridge location where Shadow figures and “chopping” sounds are said to be heard. For this night's investigation we also decided to increase the number of team investigators into the canyon area, which now included Kurt, Jeff, Dan, Jenny, Jayden, Brian, Allie, Jason, Setha, Donny, Natalie, and Tyler. We once again began our investigation at 11:00pm, this time with slight overcast up above, very slight breeze to the feel, and a light mist surrounding us, again from each direction.

The events of the night began instantly, as we immediately noticed one of the swings in the playground area gently moving back and forth as if someone was sitting in position on the swing......; there was not a strong enough breeze we experienced that evening that would have debunked this finding in our opinions. Upon zooming in on my handheld camcorder, the battery of the device mysteriously drained to 1% capacity aleviating me from filming a significant amount of footage (the camera was fully charged and verified to be charged prior to the commencement of our investigation). Then suddenly the lights overseeing the playground area turned off completely not two minutes following my camcorders battery drain, which did not power back on again during our entire investigation that night (Note: the lights never did shut off the night prior during our entire investigation). Again, we recorded a significant drop in temperature readings within the area, this time specifically from the readings of one swing in the playground area to the one next to it.

Following the evbents of the playground area, we treked down to the location where the dead bodies were discovered, and along the way a shadow figure was observed by Allie located within the trees on the opposite side of the discovered burial ground. While performing an EVP session within this area, we captured a female response of “can not” when asked if the spirits could tell us their names.

For our final destination of the evening we planned the entire hike down the canyon to the locations of the bridge, tunnels, and old dead tree, which we did not know the exact location of at the time of the investigation. It was a long haul through wild shrubbery, rocks, dirt, and water, all while observing the eyes of coyotes and whatever else was located within this area, observing us along the way. During the hike as well as our final arrival at the planned destination, we did not experience any of the claimed paranormal events that have taken place, but did witness a street light from above mysteriously power off and on continuously.....was this again a spiritual draining of power?

In conclusion, our team of investigators believe there truly are paranormal events which take place within the Robb Canyon area on a daily basis, and the hot spots to research, at least during our investigations, were located within the playground area and location of the dead body discovery. This place is deemed to be haunted!

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