~# The Scariest Place in the West #~

The Robb Canyon Story
In the early 1970's the mutilated bodies of a woman and 3 men were unearthed in this, at the time, remote high desert canyon in west Reno. To this day, the murders have not been
solved, and several visiting psychics feel the dead may be attempting to engage the living to solve their gruesome murders.Currently the canyon sits below a city park, and the mesa-top high above is speckled with houses. Over the years, residents have reported seeing strange lights and hearing very disturbing sounds, including a bloodcurdling scream, that "you will never forget for the rest of your life" echoing up the canyon. Although many long time residents of the area are reluctant to talk about what they have experienced, it is hard to not find someone without a personal account of paranormal activity. Although many other west Reno parks are crowded in summer evenings; you will never see any one in here after sunset.

Reportedly, both the Reno Police Department and Washoe County Sheriff's office no longer respond to calls to investigate the disturbances in the canyon, and oftenly say "just close your window and stay out of that canyon at night".
When paranormal investigators enter the canyon, they are hit with an immediate and overwhelming feeling of dread and fear, causing many "premature" endings to their investigations.
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In a narrower part of the canyon up stream from the bridge, Shadow Men have appeared to both Investigators and fixed infrared cameras. The phenomena seem
to center around the large dead tree next to the creek. Many reports of a horrible and prolonged scream emulate from this general area.This is also the area that "cold spots" are usually reported and physical contact felt. EVP recordings made here have produced low level "chant-like" whisperings.In a terrifing session in the fall of 2005, Mike Blankenship, an Investigator from Kansas was knocked to the ground here and held down for a few seconds by an unseen and unrecorded force.


May 15, 2013

Unseen Entities and Spooked Wildlife

The investigation began at approximately 10 pm local time. My son and I are both rookies at this and thought it would be fun to give it a try. It was very dark and we were not prepared to venture into the scrub-brush and risk a possible encounter with a rattlesnake. So we proceeded to hold our investigation primarily near the path (which winds through the canyon quite a distance) and at the park. We brought our video equipment which is not necessarily equipped for night vision in attempt to capture some EVP. We did encounter something unique and inconclusive that we will share and you can make your own judgment. Video: http://youtu.be/HGxGqudkeFk

The first thing we did was try to get a lay of the land and took a walk down the path towards the site where the bodies were discovered. After we walked back to the park from the canyon, we observed a rabbit approximately 50 feet away in the grass. We proceeded to try to scare the rabbit by using our flashlight. First focusing it on the rabbit and then back off the rabbit trying to spook it – you will see evidence of this in the video. This was attempted repeatedly. The rabbit refused to leave and we continued our EVP session with our new friend. We have about 7 minutes of footage that relevant to share and the first 5 minutes of the footage the rabbit is present. Our estimate is that the rabbit had been with us for another 5 minutes as we sat on a bench with the camera off before we started the EVP session.

As we started our EVP, we decided to include the rabbit in the dialogue as we thought it is possible that the entities could be influencing the rabbit in some way and this could lead to a sign. We asked a number of questions and there is too much wind noise and ambient noise to hear replies if there were any. Our first ask of the entities was to make the rabbit move, immediately after asking to make the rabbit hop, then asked to have it hop back towards the swings. It was our first attempt at EVP and we probably should have asked a single question and waited for about 30 seconds before asking the next. We did not do that in this case unfortunately. This rapid series of questions also leaves room for interpretation. Almost as if the rabbit understood us, the rabbit hopped away after we asked it too. We joked about it as you can hear during the video. But as we thought more and more about it, it was very coincidental to us.

You will notice the road noise in the background even though the highway is quite a distance from park where we recorded the event. Human ears did not detect anything unusual and this leads is to believe that it is possible the rabbit could have been influenced by an entity. The video equipment detected quite a bit of ambient noise (including a motor cycle which was not near the park) and the rabbit could have been responding to that. Our final ask was to have the rabbit hop towards the swings and it did not go in that direction. After thinking about it and watching the video over again, we both think it is possible that an entity responded to us. Later during our investigation, we came across another rabbit, but this one was scurried away very quickly, something we would normally expect when encountering a rabbit. We included that footage as well for you to see. In conclusion, we are not 100% sure the rabbit was influenced by an entity, but it sure does make us want to go back to the canyon and try again.